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Further Tune Required After Bigger Turbos

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My Audi RS4 is currently tuned by the respected MRC Tuning and they got good figures out of the setup prior to me pulling everything apart and restoring the car.

The engine will be going back in as it was only with bigger turbos. Was RS4 K04 hybrids now RS6 K04 hybrids with K16 turbine and 62mm compressor.

The MAF will be unchanged. The siemens 630cc dekka injectors will be unchanged (and capable of running the intended higher output).

Im currently working my way through the course content while trying to establish what maps will require altering / best approach to retuning for bigger turbos.

Will it be just a case of working on the boost control or im assuming this will this then have an effect on knock and thus ignition timing maps will need tweaking again?

I'm not completely sold on learning on this example with such an expensive, hard to come by engine so it will likely go back to MRC but I would appreciate any advise on what approach will be needed in this instance just to help my learning and perhaps ill consider this myself i feel i understand the issues at play completely.

Regards Kent

Are you remapping the stock ECU? Do you have tuning software for this? Is this the 2.7?

Remapping stock German ECUs is a lot different from standalones or remapping American and Japanese stock ECUs. For example, boost control is based on airflow,load, and torque calculations. http://contiman.free.fr/reprog/reprogrammation%20moteur%201.8t.pdf

The basics of engine performance are the same but the software side is very... German. Powerful but complicated.

Stock ECU and 2.7 yes. As of yet i have nothing i'm just starting my tuning journey.

My friend tells me the software for these is complicated and different to alot on here also.

Thank you for that i shall enjoy reading it.

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