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G4+ timing drift

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Hi, I am currently mounting a G4+ xtreme black on a Z20LET engine. Car start but I am facing to a problem, as the engine RPM increase timing is decreasing by around 10* for 1000 RPM increase. I heard that polarity can cause this so I try to change polarity but nothing to do it's the same matter. Does some of you have an idea of what is happening?

Is the timing belt properly tight? All of the hardware in good shape?

What kind of sensors do they use?

Are you locking the timing and free reving it with a timing light on it? Is that how you are seeing the drift?

You may have to go to "triggers, calibrate, set base timing" and increase or decrease the delay to get it working right.

So I use the stock VR sensor , the timing belt is properly tight, the hardware is OK. I do use triggers calibrate but the fact is that at 1000 RPM all is OK but as I rev the engine (even with 200 of delay) The timing don't stay at 10* what he is locked at.

Hi - I had a similar timing drift issue when i set my engine up ( Not the same as yours ) . With my ignition system i had to set SPARK EDGE to RISING . Worth a try maybe .

The typical cause of this is the polarity of the VR sensor being incorrect. I understand you say you've tried changing this but in itself it's a little odd that this has had no effect. I'd suggest you use the trigger scope function to capture the trigger inputs and confirm the direction of the waveform is right. With the Link ECU a VR sensor needs to be a falling edge trigger.

As for H8LUZN's suggestion this could also be a possibility but normally if you have the spark edge wrong you'll fry the coils almost immediately. What is the ignition system?

I did try. Both polarity and I used the missing tooth signal to check that polarity did change. The coil I use is the stock z20let coil ( a coilpack) http://www.migweb.co.uk/gallery/data/509/DSCF0071.JPG

but in either way when I lock timing to 10* At 3k rpm the turbo try to spool and it sound like ignition is really retarded.

I did not try to change spark edge, should I try this?

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