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I need some help, I cant find information on wiring a sbc , firing order 18436572 I am wiring injectors. my question is the wiring the same as the ignition as to drives and cylinders witch drives 1 to 4 go to which cylinders.

SBC ? Small Block Chevy ?

As for the pairing, here is a little trick.

You take the firing order (18436572) and cut it in two (1 cycle = 2 rotation)

and you get this:



A: 1-6

B: 5-8

C: 4-7

D: 2-3

thanks for the help /

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Can I ask which G4+ you are using - Is the injection sequential or group fire . ? If you don't mind me asking on your post as I have a v8 with the same firing order and have some questions and ideas I want to share ?

yep , haven't used a link ecu so decided to go with a g4 atom , if I like how it works I will upgrade, and use the atom on my gocart. so to your question multi point group fire .

Ok -im using the same . Ive been looking into injector wiring and have found many opinions on order . So ill just put my idea up and ask for comments I guess . The order suggested earlier is a common one I found when looking on the web. But with the atom and group fire mode where drives 1 and3 are paired and 2and 4 are paired and fire 360 degrees apart it would seem to me to wire as follows . Drives 1and 3 to cylinders 1-8-4-3 . Then drives 2and 4 to cylinders 6-5-7-2 . My reasoning is with this at least cylinders 1 and 6 get their fuel timed correctly . And with the others the fuel sits in the ports the least amount of time before the valve opens . The only info I found on the difference was a apples to apples comparison in which the writer said wiring to the firing order gave a slightly better idle quality . Any ideas?

looks like you have put more thought into this than I have/ so if cylinders 1 and 6 are timed so that the injector fires on the back of the valve, and atomise the fuel better than the rest , you will need to trim cylinders to even the afr on the other cylinders , and you will have no way of trimming the correct cylinders without trimming two at a time , even so, you would need 8 egt probes or 8 lambda sensors . so I think there is no advantage ,I think by using the atom, you have to make some sacrifices although in the real world the overall tune will make little diferance. that's my thoughts for what they are worth ,Dwayne.

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