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Garrett turbo speed sensor

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Dear all,

I need small help regarding the initial setup with G series speed sensors, as im using G-35 that has 9 blades which will be connected to Motec M1 ECU.

The point that I'm stuck in it is the multiplier & scale, multiplier says that many sensor uses a(divide by 8 counter to generate lower output frequency). But in the manual i have found two equations, one of them is the frequency conversion & the other is conversion factor if already it has been converted to rpm in the ecu. Im just not sure to which one i should follow.

Any Advice?

Thanks in advance!

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Not something I have had to worry about, but some thoughts - might be wrong, so check!

The equation.png seems to refer to when the logger has a default 8 blade value for the wheel, and needs a correction factor to be applied to correct for the blades actually on the wheel if a different number. NOTE, the second equation given is wrong as 8/12 is 0.666 recurring and NOT 0.75 as it has.

The tss.png seems to indicate that the ECU accepts the value of 9 for the wheel, which you have, and which should mean you don't need to apply any additional conversion factor. [edit] That's incorrect, apparently, as the correction is to bring the actual rpm into a range that can be displayed, or so I understand, so a wheel with 120k rpm would use a correction of 100 and display 1200 (x100 which is not shown), or if 1000 is used it would display 120. REMINDER, this is conjecture, and may be quite incorrect, so read these following links carefully.

There are several useful on-line posts on this, including one which seems to be the same setup as you have - check these out - https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=Motec+M1+ECU+seting+up+turbine+speed+sender%3F


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