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gear shift control

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hello everyone

Just checking if someone can guide me figure out my gear shift control on a link g4,

I chose the digital input type just ask some guidance of what could be best value to suit application, I got standard manual 5 speed Honda integra tranny, a digital switch already been provided on the clutch pedal, thanks for the reply


G'day Leo.

The gearshift control is more used for dog boxes, providing cuts and blips to allow clutchless flatshifting... But you should be able to get it working on a standard 5 speed, using a clutch switch as a digital input to allow for flat-up shifts while using the clutch on a synchro box. Its really hard on gear though!

What digital input channel have you got your clutch switch wired to? Can you confirm it gets a valid reading on the runtime values screen? (F12)

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