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Hi all,

I'm not sure this is the right category to post this in , if not please move it

I'm on the hunt for a Nissan RB engine To a Nissan CD009 gearbox adapter. I've come across Collins adapters which require you to mill down the bellhousing and use your own clutch. Nothing odd about those. Also found the PMC brand here in Europe , those kits require their offset flywheel to be used. I've never heard some reputable opinion on those kits. So thats why i'm asking it here :)

anyone with experience on here ?

Isnt that offset flywheel causing other troubles ? It's quite some mass your moving further away from the crank which makes me think it more stressing the bolts, and quicker in causing (damaging) vibrations

link to the kits:



Since I've been looking for the same info, have pulled the pin and went for a brand new CD00A.. Currently i have a locally designed and fabricated (NZ) adapter plate. Milled the housing down etc, everything bolts up fine and seems ok. 5th gear keeps popping out as soon as i let off the throttle, strangest thing.. If you've split a CD00# before, you'll know that 5th cog is separate from the main shaft which means that if the adapter plate is even slightly off, you'll run into trouble.

Just about to buy a Collins plate and see how we go. P.S. I've taken the box out about 10 times trying different stuff and spoken to the plate fabricator etc.., ended up putting dowels in to attempt perfect centre, no result. Took my brand new transmission to Caspa transmisions for an inspection but ofc its in perfect cond.

Will respond when i fit the Collins plate and let you know if any improvements.

Bought the Collins, works perfectly

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