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Getting EJ20 started on Haltech Basemap

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Hello everyone, after I an extensive search trying to find an answer I have turned to this community.

I am try to get my 2002 wrx EJ20 fired up and running on the Haltech PnP platinum ECU. I am using the base map that comes with the haltech software and I am having now luck. If I use a factory ECU the vehicle fires up and idles. Now it's not very good since the vehicle has aftermarket upgrades so the tune is not correct but that's besides my point.

I can't check the base timing because I can't get the engine to fire and my timing light doesn't work on cranking alone but I had a shop verify the belt is installed correctly.

Just looking for some help on what I may be missing here. Thank you.

It's been a while since I have looked at a platinum, have you got the correct injector volume flow and pressure in the software?

Is the haltech setup as speed density (MAP tune) or using the air flow meter?

It is set up for the correct injector size, 565cc STI pink injectors.

It is also setup for the air flow meter

Unfortunately the platinum does not have as many settings for things like the newer Haltech units so I am limited on what information I can put in or check on. I believe it's an ignition issue but when I lock the base ignition and try and start it I get nothing.

Austin post your base map so I can take a look at it. It honestly sounds like an issue in the setup parameters. I'm very familiar with the platinum sport software.

Ok! I'll get it posted here

@turbodc4 its not letting me post the edited file. just the one that came on the ECU

I'd be inclined to agree that it sounds like a configuration issue. Maybe post a screen shot of your trigger settings. Is the laptop showing a stable and sensible engine rpm while cranking - Probably around 200-300 rpm? Put a timing light on a coil and check if you're getting spark while cranking. Will the engine attempt to fire if you spray engine start into the intake?

Hey Andre, No I was getting rpm on the laptop after messing with rpm filter level which is not at 4 but it has since stopped showing. my timing light wont work when I use it and crank the car over. I used your base ignition timing video to try and do the test. I emailed you the tune that I am using. have not tried any spray into the intake yet but I smell plenty of fuel and hear the fuel pump priming.

This is Austin's file, I just added it to a .zip for you which the forum accepts just in case you run into this issue again 😎

Hey Taz, I'm not able to see this ZIP file. how can I access it?

Hi Austin,

Apologies for the delay. I've just had a look at your file and compared it to the base maps and there are quite a few differences. Namely the Tuning method in yours is set to use the MAF whereas the base map I loaded for the MY01-05 is on MAP which would be expected? The base map uses VE tuning with MAP as the fuel and ignition load. The biggest issue is likely to be the fact that your injectors are disabled in the map that you sent Taz - This can be useful for testing base timing but obviously the engine won't run like this. There are also other differences such as your map using a constant fuel pressure vs manifold referenced in the bae map and the injector current. I'd be inclined to guess possibly you've loaded an incorrect base map so I'd start again and see how you get on.

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