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Getting fuel pump to prime on acc switch

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I have a motec Gold box with me, old so called “tune” had the pump to prime and automatically dump a load of fuel to the rails once the key had turned the acc switch on.

Now after a format, its not doing it anymore. Yes i have designated the fuel pump to its old aux port as its wired via software. Its aux 4 for now, and it does retain the relay. Output test makes the fuel pump work everytime yes.

so what setting am I missing?

Can you compare the old and new ECU configuration files? If I had to guess, I bet it something like Adjust->Fuel->Compensations->First Injection or Stopped Injection (that only happens if TPS > 90% -- perhaps a clever config had no TPS, but set to default to >90% so a pulse when key on.)

If you're not getting the pump on at startup, perhaps you need to adjust Auxiliary Output Functions-> Aux 4 - Fuel Pump-> Parameters->Delay to be non-zero?

I never had the old file. The guy that did the tune deleted it because he wasn’t willing to remove my password. Anyway, he was a terrible person. So i have to start fresh.