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Hi guys i am totally new to the world of tuning and the first project I intend to successfully complete will be my JDM 08 Subaru S-gt/wrx, with help from you guys of course. I am still going through the courses of study, but in preparation for its completion i want to get the necessary tools in hand and would like input from those more experience than myself. so far i have downloaded a virtual Dyno a member spoke of and i am looking for the appropriate software and hardware, i have been advised the Tactrix unit would be a good place to start and maybe the Cobb Accessports, thats under investigation but i did heard they didn't work with JDM Subaru models.

To sum-up, i am seeking the groups guidance on how to get started and in what direction should i go when getting set up.

Thanks for your help in advance.

You will require the Tactrix Openport 2 adapter to reflash the 08 WRX SGT, the software to use is called Ecuflash which can be found at http://www.tactrix.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&id=36&layout=blog&Itemid=57

For logging you are best to use RomRaider, which can be found here www.romraider.com

The RomRaider forums are a good place to read up on Subaru specific tuning

Ensure you use a quality wideband Lambda sensor whilst tuning, the stock Lambda sensor isn't the best for WOT tuning.

Factory knock control is very good and reliable in the Subaru, so keep an eye on this, if you have aftermarket audible knock detection gear I recommend you use this in conjunction with the Ecu's detection.


Thanks Phil for your suggestions, I will get started on the downloads and and try to get an idea on how to use them. once again thank you.

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