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Glowing Exhaust Manifolds

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Is it normal to have a turbo exhaust manifold glowing red at the collector during power runs on the Dyno? AFR's are 11.7:1, 20psi boost and 15 degree's advance...

i have had that with an turbo polo g40 that also was running 20 psi but with 5 degrees retard since it was a conservatie amout of ignition to dial in the fuel map and the exhaust was also starting to glow red i think in my case was that the timing was retarded and the combustion event was happening later which causes higher exhaust temp and made the exhaust glow red.

but in your case it may be diffrent hope someone here can explane.

Yes that's pretty normal. Remember that with a normal AFR and ignition timing it is still easy to see the temperature of the exhaust gas reach 800-900 degrees C which is enough to have stainless or mild steel glowing cherry red. You will find that this glowing starts at the collector where the heat is more focused and will gradually work back down the runners.

It isn't anything to worry about and this is what your manifold is doing under race conditions. It's just that normally you don't get to see it.

Cool, Yeh I thought it was fine but Thought I would check. Thanks

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