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Glowing red manifold

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hi i have a turbo charged nissan tb48 y61 and it has a gtw38 on it

the problem is the manifold starts glowing red when getting in to boost (0.8) kpa

im wandring what could be the reason for that ?

thanks in advance

It isn't actually unusual for the manifold to glow red during a power run. On pump gas you're likely to see exhaust temps in the region of 750-950 deg C under sustained WOT use which is easily sufficient to make steel glow. This is obvious when you have a car on a chassis dyno but you obviously don't get to see that when you're on the road or racetrack.

Beyond this though you will put more heat into the exhaust system if the timing is excessively retarded.

Thanks andre ill look in to it the afr im running is about .79 at wot it must be the timing ..

ill let you know the results about it.