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GM 5.3 AFM delete tuning

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I helped my brother re-install the 5.3 in his 2012 Silverado last night and cranked it. He knew that it would have to have tuning to run right because of the new camshaft, non VVT and removal of the displacement on demand hardware.

He has a friend that uses HP Tuner that he plans to have work on the tune but I want to do this even though I no nothing about HP Tuner or the best way to go about it.

If I had to guess there will probably be someone out there giving away a free tune for a older year model that didn't have the AFM option. Problem I see is I don't know who wrote the tune. Besides the fact the camshaft he used is not a factory camshaft.

I am still going thru my HP Academy lessons but I really would like to help and do this. (tune the truck) If anyone cares to chime in with assistance it would be appreciated. I am guessing that HP Tuner is the best way to tune a GM product? Go easy on me, I'm a rookie!! LoL

PS. the engine started right up with no leaks or smoke. We pre lubed the engine with 3qt of oil before we cranked it. Of course the dash lit-up like a Christmas tree, idle is hunting rpm and coolant temp shot up to 215. The temp is probably high because of the bad tune or we have a air bubble but I have the tools to refill the coolant system under vacuum, so no worries there.

What exactly is your request or question?

Is Hp Tuner worth purchasing or is there another manufacturer that will allow you to tune more “make” and “model” cars?

Does any of you have a “cheat sheet” when a customer comes to you with a problem that is common but you have never worked with that manufacture?

You don’t really want to say, I’ve never done those but if you don’t it’s going to be “self education” at the same time.

The two common software options to tune GM vehicles are HP Tuners and EFI Live. I'd recommend HP Tuners because then our Practical Reflash tuning course will be very useful since we include worked examples on the HP Tuners software.

Disabling the DOD system is very simple within the software. If you've fitted a reasonable size camshaft then your tune will need a lot of work. In particular the VE of the engine will be reduced at low rpm and increased at high rpm. You will also need to raise the idle speed and adjust the base running airflow tables to ensure good control of idle speed as conditions vary.

I'd suggest starting by purchaising HP Tuners and if you haven't already, go through the Practical Reflash course. Then ask any questions in the reflashing sub-forum.

Thank you!

Really enjoying the classes!

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