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GM 90mm DBW throttle body data needed

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Hoping somebody has already came across and has the information I need.

I have a GM throttle body from the LSx p/n 12605109 that I would like to use, its a 6pin plug.

Has any already gathered the calibration data for this and have a pin out please?

Or is there any way the Motec M400 can work out its own calibrations from doing a sweep from 0-100% ?


Motec had already calibrated this throttle body in house.

The dealer who supplies your enable code for the drive by wire option for your ecu will have access to the Motec database of settings and wiring schematic for the throttle body.

I thought this would have been the case, I emailed Motec both Aus & Eu and they told me there was no data on file for this and they wanted me to send my TB to them and pay £100 to have the data collated.

Motec has the 125 series (steel plate) data.

I own the 126 series (brass plate), but the data I have is for my Motec M150.

In my findings, the data for the 125 series was really close to perfect. The data is as follows for the MX00 series ECU:

Proportional Gain 120

Integral Gain 80

Derivative Gain 120

Period 1

Dead Band 0.3

Feed Forward 10

Negative Integral Clamp -10

Frequency 8000

Motor Volts 14

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