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Gm engines VVT wiring

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Hi everyone

i am in progress to build a harness for 6.0 gen 4 gm engine which has VVT system, i will use haltech ps2000 ecu. So the oem cam connector has 5 pins and i failed to find the pinout for this connctor through google search. Also i would like to know if this cam selonoid working in degreeing intake lobes only or both intake and exhaust?

Any input and help will be highly appreciated

There is only one cam that controls all the valves. The VVT retards both intake and exhaust valve timing (cam phasing). It does not change lift.

I would recommend you get an Alldata DIY account for this.

Hi Arghx7,

thanks for reply, regarding the pinout i made the continuity for all wires today and i found what i was asking for. Regarding the VVT, i will order vvt delete kit and cam shaft from tsp. Thanks again for your input

The VVT is mostly a fuel economy thing on those engines. There's a small improvement in the torque curve but it's probably not worth the trouble.

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