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gm knock sensor calibrating

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hi everyone.

I've got a chevy silverado with a 5.3l bored to a 5.7l. I put a "stage 2 truck cam" in it. cant remember the exact number right now. Anyways, I am having problems with misfire faults at idle because of the lope of the cam. I have watched the idle webnair and tried adjusting idle to get a smooth idle. it now idles at 700 rpm. I dont want to go any higher because the truck already tries pushing through the torque converter. I do plan on upgrading the transmission and torque converter soon. It still sets a random misfire if left idling for a few minutes. like when letting it warm up in the morning. mechanically the engine is sound and it has a new secondary ignition. Is there any information on calibrating or adjusting the knock sensors at idle to reduce sensitivity? I am using HP Tuners to adjust calibrations with this truck.

Thanks for any information and help with this issue.

700 rpm is very low if you've got an aggressive cam. Without knowing the exact specs of a 'stage 2' cam it's hard to say but with the larger cams we use in the GM engines I'm normally around 800-900 rpm at idle. They will push with a stock torque convertor but that's the downside if you want to run a large cam. A high stall convertor is the real answer. What I would suggest trying is disabling the DTCs for misfire in the mean time.