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Going from nissan ecu to motec

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Hello friends,

Just switched to a motec m600 and i dont know since its second hand motec does not even care to help, in fact the local dealer asked me to never bother him on the motec related topic ever again. So i have a few questions and please if you dont mind clarify to me.

1.Where do i fit these things and these are actual connections from my R33 rb25det ecu:

Aac valve control signal

Engine rev signal for tachometer - nismo cluster (you get the excitement i have)

Air conditioner relay and A/C cut signal

Knock sensor signal 1&2

Boost control solenoid

Air conditioner SW signal

Power steering oil pressure signal

Vehicle speed sensor - nismo cluster ( excitement to see it run ofcourse)

Variable valve timing solenoid- thanks to Andre, no way am I gonna run without it.

2. Also how do i set my ross crank and cam trigger kit in this ecu?

I can understand a local Motec dealer not necessarily being overly helpful with a second hand product you purchased, however motec USA or Motec Australia will be happy to help you if you need technical help.

Your questions are very broad. I suggest you start by finding and familiarising yourself with a factory Nissan wiring diagram for your car. This will explain the location of the relevant sensors/connections that you need as well as how they are wired.

I'm not familiar with the Ross timing kit. The setup will depend on the sensors used and the number of teeth and location. It's most likely it will use a multi tooth trigger mode and then you need to define the number of crank teeth. You can also select either a hall or reluctor pickup depending on what s used in the kit. You will also need to configure a magnetic level for a reluctor pickup and set the CRIP (crank index) so the timing is correct.

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