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gold box motec m600 for an engine TB48DE for nissan patrol ...

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i just want to start a car before to run the car on the dyno , i have an issue with one vehicle using motec m600 when i check the sensor diagnostic errors tells (ref/sync synchronize not synced ) is there any other mechanical or electrical problems or this is related to sensors setups and tuning ??!!

actually this is my first car that i tried to start it before to tune it but i cant start it ☹, and this make me a bit depressed and kind of challenging ...

in a practical dyno tuning course about HPA 10- step process it shown with motec m1 software and im a bit confusing wit the difference between that 2 software ...

so my question is ?!

1- if there is no any errors shown as (ref/sync synchronize not synced ) every thing is ok , is there any easy and fastest way or fixed tables or some steps just to start the car and i will start tune on the dyno the AFR and fuel and ignition tables as i learned in this courses ( EFI tuning fundamentals + Understanding AFR ) and trying to continue the HPA 10-Steps process ?!

2- what does this error mean (ref/sync synchronize not synced ) and how can i deal with it ?!


The TB48 should be using the Nissan 360 Optical Sensor, the settings for this are as follows.

You should be using the Ref Sync Mode 10 with Hall sensors and rising edges on both the ref and sync. 180 teeth for the number of teeth CRiP start with 60.

If you are getting an error of Ref/Sync Not synced, then it means that the M600 is not getting the correct signals from the ref and Sync sensors, can you do a Ref Sync Capture and post it here?

I go to the setup and u make it like that as a pic , what do u mean exactly by ref sync capture?!

And i checked also the ignition setup it shown the all ignition out puts 123456 is off ?! Its related or ?!

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Post up your config, and I'll have a look at it. The Ignition outputs need to be configured for them to work correctly.

If you go to the Utilities drop down menu, there is a Ref/Sync Capture function available, you start this, and than crank the engine. What this does is captures the signals that are being received by the Ref and Sync inputs, and displays them so that issues can be found. When you have this, you can save it as a file and attach it to a post.

Have you spoken to your dealer about this issue as well?

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