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gt2860rs spooling

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Hi guys! HELP ME. This is my TT 180 ajq 2fw - fully modified with all parts. gt2860rs, -4 turbo oil restricor, tial 38 westgate, oem n75 boost controller, tial popoff, je pistons, cometic head gasket, arp fasteners, rods, supertech valve, fidanza lightwheight flywheel + clutch stage 3, 76mm throttle body,big intake manifold OBD , 3 inch downpipe, 200kat+70mm exhaust with dual lip, big injector, stock cams, light pulley, oil mocal radiator, big intercooler, catch tank, aeromotive fuel pressure regulator, walbro 255 fuel pump, carbon intake, wavetrack Lsd, LinkEcu g4 plugin motorsport ecu and other hardware. The car have around 350hp with moderate map but i don't know why turbo spool its too slow! I have modest timing advance map for safety but i don't know if this is the problem. The turbo spool its around 4250rpm... i know that gt2860rs its capable of 3300rpm full spool...now i'm with 1.5 bar of peack and 1.4 bar costant but only after 4250rpm the car give the kick and go more than 1 bar.

Have experience about? Tial westgate have 0.8 bar spring. Garrett stock westgate was always closed and locked with flange.

I hope that the problem is exstreme safety timing map but before to go on dyno i want to know other experience.

Thanks in advance.

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The specs of the engine could be more relevant than the part list, So I believe its 4 cylinders 1.8L turbo.

Bore: 81mm, Stroke: 86.4mm and compression ratio of 9.5:1 from factory, but I guess you decrease the compression ratio with the JE pistons and the head gasket, and maybe increase the displacement ?

Did you try to retard the ignition timing (hotter exhaust gas) to make it spool faster ?

Thanks Ludo!

I have ( if remember well now) 81.5 bore and 8.5:1 compressor ration. I don't try to retard timing and now i run richer.. 10.5 on WOT and 11/10.7 during transition. I'm waiting dyno from my friends to remap...but i want to know other people experience.

Give me your suggestion.

Thanks a lot.

If you have pclink software i can send you my file to see the map.

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