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GT86 big injector, rich idle

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i have a Turbo GT86 with deatschwerks 700cc big injector.

I input injector scaling, battery offset, enrichment, crank fuel and P/I ratio as per manufacturer data. However, i found it idles rich.

It was idling at 14.7 right after start. However, after driving around for awhile and when it comes to a stop, it will idle at 14.0 for around a mintue before returning to 14.7.

I tried to scale down injector scaling to 650cc/min, the time it requires to return to 14.7 has been shorten(around 30secs). However, there is no effect when dial it further down.

the P/I ratio from the manufacturer data was set to 0 for idle. However, i found the port injector was opening at 0.61ms at idle. I increased 10% of the battery offset and found the port injector pulse width is 0ms at idle. However these changes didn’t help the situation.

Anyone can advise if I’m going to the right direction?

Any advice would be very appreciated. Thank you!

p.s. I’m using BRZedit for tuning

I wouldn't call it 'rich', even if technically it is, but I also like to run around that.

Bit of a long shot, but could the electric fan be operating and skewing the voltages, and thus skewing the fueling/sensors?

Thanks a lot for the reply!

I have not thought about electrical fan robbing voltages, i will definitely look into that!

Blow through or suck through AFM?

What is the short term trim doing while your seeing this issue?

Have you turned off long term trims? This can be done with Ecutek but I am unsure on the BRZ edit software?

Do they not idle on the chamber injectors? Or is it a non DI capable ecu?

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