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GTR R35 oem injectors help needed

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Hello everyone.

can you please help me get the data required to dial in gt r35 injectors into link g4+ platform. A friend of mine wants me to tune his rb25DET neo where he fitted these injectors and i cant find reliable source fo data

What i found is 560cc (570cc in GTR as they run more than 3 bar of differential pressure), and it's 0.890ms @ 13.8 V (14V)

Can some one give feed back on these and if possible more detailed information?

Hello a quick look around the net shows me nothing i think it would be worth messaging to see if they have this info on file

Regards Ross

Thx Ross

I will contact Link

Link advised me to watch motec m1 tutorail. There i found some data, but they looks wierd for me

Flow rate is 11.6 ml/s this equals to 696 cc/min which is not correct i guess, and even if we do correction from 400kPa to 300kPa it results on 522 cc/min which i also not realy correct ) so i'm lost on how to get real flow, think i will use 560 or 570 and see how it goes )

Reference presure is 400kPa (why?)

and i got some lag times from their video

This might Help.

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Thx Tommy. It is lag time depending on Pressure VS voltageright?

And what about flow?

All I have is 570cc @322kpa base pressure

You can derive flow at other pressures with that info.

Thx a lot Tommy

Great thanks Tommy

As i will tune engine i will post up here what i ended up with