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H Bridge for Brake balance / Motec PDM 30

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Any advice on how to implement a H bridge for a race pedal assembly, stepper motor?

Components are: PDM 30 and 15 button keypad.

Thanks in advance.


Not sure it can't be done, but I don't think a PDM is a very efficient way of implementing a stepper motor control. There are small boards / circuits that handle stepper motor control but with just two inputs -- direction and step. I would think you could control one of those boards using aux outputs from your dash, you could even remember the current step position across power cycles.

What is the stepper used for -- to set the brake bias? Or is it used to move the pedals?

You could use a DHB to drive the motor in each direction, what are you using for position feedback?

Hi Stephen and David

The stepper motor does not have a position feedback, simple two wire motor for moving the bellcrank for brake bias, front/back.

Basically all that is needed is reversing polarity on the motor wire pins. I looked at the DHB, but wondering If the PDM 30 can do it natively, since window lifter control is a common application for a pdm's intended purpouses.


The MoTeC PDM will only supply voltage, it does not provide the ground side of a bridge.

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