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Good day to you Collegues,

i have an inquiry regarding the ecu setup for first time, i am new to tuning and this is the first time i am going to tune the engine using standalone ecu ( Haltech platinum 500), let me first list my engine setup then i will go for the questions:

my setup is :

4efte toyota engine

FMIC 3" core

2.5" piping size

TD04L turbo ( wrx oem )

external wastegate ( tail 38mm Mvs)

COP ( 1uz vvti coils)

Haltech platinum 500

550 ev14 DW injectors

HKS fuel rail

tomei FPR

aftermarket air intake manifold + 70 mm throttle body

stock internal + cylinder head

target boost is 1.2 Bar

Project application : 100% offroad

i going to start this engine as my first time to use standlone ecu and little scare , i have set the main setup and every thing but i have little doubt about the load axis in the fuel and ignition main tables ( MAP) because i have 16x16 cells so,

1- what is the maximum vaccume value will be ( -60 or -80 .. etc) because i should use 16 cells to reach 220kpa of boost, i saw motec software and check its files which has start from 0 to 100 as NA engines and 0 to 100 and above 100 for boosted engines .

2-I would like to set up some engine protection for safety like IAT, ECT..etc but i couldn't find in haltech platinum 500

3- Regarding the compensation ( correction), should i disable the correction tables before starting to tune the base fuel and ignition maps? if not what should i do?

4- How to functional test the injectors and ignition coils individualy? or as group?

5- where to connect Aux rev limitter wire ?

6- i am connecting aftermarket RPM gauge, i connected the tacho wire to the signal wire which comes from the gauge ( it was green wire), should i put relay or fuse between these two wires or it will work fine in this setup? in haltech software i put 12v, pullup 50% and 4 cylinder

7- Engine rpm is 7500 as cutt-off rpm, i have set the rev limitter to 7500 and hard cut , ignition cut is this ture setup?

8- Decel fuel cut, i'd like to use this option but, can i use on/off switch to activate and de-activate this option?

thank you all in advanse and i wish do well after your kind support

Kind Regards


Ive a base map for a 4efte if u would like me to email u it , 1.6 bar on vf24 sard 550 injectors and 3 bar map sensor , u will need to fit a tps sensor also as the stock one is just a on off switch ,a tps off a rb26 fits almost straight on the stock t body , this map is for the stock dizy but I can change it if u like

Just reading ur last post I would go for a link G4+ if u have not got the Ecu all ready but the haltach works fine too

Dear Chrisccm,

If you send the file i would appriciate that, ( i went for haltech 500 and i have another project which will have link ecu soon, i know the ep82 manual tranny TH its 0 and 5v on/off nothing in between which keep me struggling in tuning lo and hi maps in Apexi SAFC-ll last year.i hope i can find answers for my question mentioned to let my self implemt what i have gained from HPA courses

I appriciate your fast response dear


email sent man the file is on the last email I forgot to attach it in the first one lol

Thank you dear, i recieved your emaile