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Haltech 550/IC7 data transfer.

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Hi all, First time poster here.

I've been wiring up a Corolla KE70 with a 4AGE Blacktop using Haltech 550 and IC7 dash.

So far i have all the main inputs, (IAT, CT, TPS, CAS) all the main DPO's filled (IACV x2, Thermofan, VVT and Fuel Pump Relay). Ive also used two Additional AVI's for a Bosch PST-F1 on the oil pressure/temp side of things.

On the IC7 Side of things, I have a So far set up the wiring for all major inputs. The AVI4 is used for Fuel and the VSS is wired to the inputs on the dash.

My main problem is two things.

As i have ran out of the 5 DPOs (Should've bought a 1500 elite), Is it possible to simply wire the Fuel Pump relay (DPO5) into an ignition source? It feels very wasteful to use a DPO to simply ground a wire to trigger a relay. Or does it serve a functional purpose?

Secondly, going through the NSP software, I can't seem to receive any feedback from both fuel level and VSS signal to the ECU when i send a signal to the dash. The dash can display fuel level no issues, but i can't seem to send that signal to the ECU. Same with VSS. I would like to have gear detection and speed as a logged input into the ECU's onboard memory.

The haltech site mentions that the CAN features on the elite 1000/1500 seem to provide more, but i found the information to be vague and lacking specifics.

Can anybody provide me with a little guidance?

Based on the documentation, and looking at the ICC software, I don't believe the IC-7 transmits any of it's direct channels onto the CAN bus.

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