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Haltech E11V2 on rb26dett

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I have an R33 skyline with Haltech E11v2 and rb26dett engine.

Struggeling with the car not starting anymore and would like to confirm the ignition and trigger setup is the correct one?

Tried different CAS but the ignition seems to be unstable from time to time.

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Hi Gjesdal,

Welcome to HPA. When your wanting to post your settings could you 'print screen' and paste it into a paint program and save as a JPEG, that way it's a lot clearer for people to see.

Is there any signal filtering available on that ecu?

Did not have the computer with the haltech software available when I wrote the post, but yeah I understand.

It is both, Trigger filter level and Home filter level.

Both set at 0 at the moment.

Would like to confirm that the settings in the ecu is okay?

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