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Haltech Elite 1500 and ECU master EGT to CAN

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I am trying to incorporate some EGT sensors into my project and looking at the Haltech EGT (£403) this is considerably more expensive that the ECU masters EGT to CAN (£107). Both of these units have 8 sensor inputs, and I would like to have all 4 cylinders with pre and post intercooler probes too.

The ECU master EGT to CAN has a configurable can output including can ID and I have the Haltech CAN protocol for EGT. The protocol details that that EGT 1-4 are on can ID 0x373 and 5-8 on 0x374.

Has anyone got an ECU masters EGT to CAN working with a Haltech ECU or can you see an issue why it wouldn't work?


I looked at trying to do this with a Haltech a few months ago. I didn't get as far as actually testing it (we swapped ECU's instead for other reasons), but the only issue I could see coming up past this point is byte order. I am assuming they are sent out the same (EGT1 then EGT2 etc), but could be wrong. Big endian or little endian is any easy one to change and see.

With Link or ECUmaster you can write your own CAN messages to send or receive. Haltech and Holley are a lot more locked down in that regard...

Best way is to buy one and find out lol. Or if you have the tools you can use software to send your Haltech can messages and see what it does. Ecumaster is pretty open book with their CAN stuff, maybe asking Haltech for their EGT message content would solve your question?

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