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Haltech Elite 2500 Z33 trigger input

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Hi there!

Im a computer guy from the Netherlands with a big interest in cars, Im currenlty working on wiring up a elite 2500 to my 2004 350z. This is a thing i have never done before so i have some questions regarding the trigger input that comes from the engine. On the Elite i need to configure the home signal, which is cam position sensor. But my vq35de has 2 cam position sensors and i can only configure 1. on the B2 wire.

I do can add cam control and configure the cam sensors and solenoids but does this also take care of the home signal? by adding the cam control will the elite pickup the home signal from the configured cam control wires?

Hope you can help me out! mayba you can share your pinouts to and from the elite?

Kind regards,

Vincent van Os

On our 350Z I have the Home Input configured as Cam Control - Intake Angle 1 and B7 (SPI4 configured as Cam Control - Intake Angle 2.

Just in case you're not aware, the Elite currently doesn't support the Nissan 350Z CAN communications template. This means you'll be able to run the engine just fine but the dash won't function and the cooling fans which are normally CAN controlled will run continuously.