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Haltech elite 550 questions

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So I did some research on the haltech elite series ecu before i bought it. but I guess I didn't do enough.

I have a elite 550 on my Mazda protege and Its been working great. But the further I get into the software the more I regret not buying the elite 1000. And yes I knew this was the most basic version on the elite series but I just figured that it would at least have the same level of control as the later platinum series ecu. But no

The first thing I was very surprised that I didn't see was knock control. There is no knock control for the 550 that I know of and I say it like that because. On the haltech ecu description chart it clames that the 550 doesn't have a lunch control option either.

But I found a way around that by using the "aux rev limit" to set up my 2 step BUT. I can't figure out how to make a 3d table for the fuel and igntion cut ONLY for the aux limit. Not the main rpm limit.

I want to be able to control the fuel percentage and the ignition retard to build boost on two step and yes of course shoot flames. But its not looking like I have a option to do that. I can Only set the aux rev limit and not change any of the fuel or ignition.

Maybe this is why they say it doesn't have a launch control option.And I tried setting up a 3d map for aux rev limit/ignition but it sets it for the main ignition table also so even if I'm not using my two step the main ignition will be retarded if I go over that part of the map I changed for the aux rev limit. And same for the fuel if I set it up the same way.

So what I'm trying to ask/say is that i would have to use a option that says "launch control (aux rev limit ignition. and same for fuel if I want to be able to control the fuel and igntion ONLY for the 2step/aux rev. Otherwise I'll just have to deal with a boring & not as effective launch control??

Also is there any way to use knock control with the 550? I'm not familiar with the (CAN) option either if someone doesn't mind explaining. Thanks for the help!!

Unfortunately the 550 is a very limited product as it's built to a price point and to get it there Haltech have stripped out the more advanced functionality. There is no knock control and you won't be able to add this via a CAN device. As you've also found, without a dedicated launch control function you don't have a lot of flexibility in how to set up the limiter. I think you'd probably be best to consider upgrading if you want that functionality.

question about haltech elite 550

i'm running it on SR20det red top with stock nissan CAS sensor and it seems to advanced the timing while rpm encreased trough it off for about 2〜3 degrees at 1000〜3000rpm and 3-5degrees at 4000rpm after check with the timing light multiple times the timing its correct and match with main table on idle at 10degrees

the question is how to set the tdc offset table to compensate the advanced timing and use negative numbers on it or better to get advanced trigger kit for it ?

any info would be much apreciatte

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