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Haltech Elite Engine protection and DTC's

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i have been setting up a base map for the Elite 1000 ECU and am just trying to get my head around the EP and DTC's with the haltech system.

you can set an engine light to be tripped by DTC codes, useful. this can then illuminate a light on the racepak dash alerting the driver, perfect.

but when setting up sensor diagnosis you don't really want to activate engine protection, but you would like a check engine light. so each diagnosis raw value has a drop down for severity, elite 1000 only has 1 level of engine protection. so your options are none and level 1. but will none activate the check engine light?

is there a way to get the ecu to log or record trouble codes? i had the knock protection kick in and the dash light come one, but could not find a record of the trouble code. had to review the data-log to find what tripped the warning light.

pretty much how are people setting up and utilizing engine protection in elite ecu's?

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