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haltech elite/ ignition timing going higher than programmed

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whats up guys iv attached a log file for you to view my issue. [[scroll to bottom first and read the EDIT ]]

on my 2003 mazda protege i have a haltech elite. im not sure how my attached log file can be viewed from your point of view but if you look on the ignition table you will see that i have the ignition table set pretty basic and pretty conservative. [still in the process of street tuning] around 13.5-12-11-10 degrees at 13-14-17psi but when i compare it to my gauge page on a "number list" tab that shows real time ignition angle value. its ridiculously high around 27-35+ degree of timing at 14 psi of boost at 6500+ rpm. really dont know how my engine didn't blow up if this log is accurate. im not sure if its the logging system that is malfunctioning or showing me wrong information . i doubt it.

also i have the main end rpm rev limit set at 6600 for now and i noticed on the log, at a few different points it shows 7000+ rpm and even got up to 8000+ rpm at one point. and im pretty certain it was not actually pulling all the way to 8000 while i was driving . i think i definitely would have noticed the rpm that high. would it be showing these ignition values because it maybe was bouncing off of the main rev limit??? or maybe it just returning to that low load part of the ignition map while letting off throttle and the boost value lagging to return to vacuum at the same rate? this seems likely being that my engine didn't grenade

any idea what would cause it to show these high values that are clearly not programmed. are there any known bugs with the logging software possibly?

i do have stock waste spark ignition coils. plan to upgrade to GM Ls coils soon

i have stock reluctor style cam and crank trigger sensors set to rising edge.

could either of these be causing the ignition timing to spike at high rpm like that??

wanted to add yesterday i was doing a pretty hard pull and the cam sensor wire came loose while in a pull. i fixed it and everything seemed back to normal. not sure if that could have caused any issue

let me know if the log is viewable or needs to be reposted. thanks in advance for any support

[EDIT] i think i partially know whats going on. i was going to delete this post but it may help someone out in the future who knows..

i dont have a blow off valve!! im now watching the TPS and ignition angle. before i was mainly watching the manifold pressure and the ignition on the log and thats why it scared me. i reviewed it again and mainly payed attention to the throttle position and the ignition appears to be high while in boost but i dont believe it is. i think it just takes a little bit longer for the manifold pressure to dissipate out of the turbo because i have no BOV. as the i let off throttle the ignition returns back to vacuum part of the map. but this still doesn't enplane why the rpm is so high on the log.

Attached Files

I've had a quick look at the log file in MLVHD (I don't use the Haltech log viewer software) and I'm not sure what you're looking at but the ignition values appear to do what you've asked. The sections where you're at full throttle and have around 200 kpa boost pressure I'm seeing ignition values in the 12-13 degree vicinity? There is something funny going on with your RPM though and at a glance I suspect you've got some trigger issues going on as the large spikes in rpm after you've got out of the throttle aren't very likely.

Thanks for your response,

Yes your right about the timing values. & You said 200kpa that would convert to 29 psi correct? Thats strange that you seen that. Because I only see 14.8 psi and have a boost cut at 17psi.

Anyway, what could cause these trigger issues at high rpm? Do you think it's because I have stock reluctor cam and crank sensors? Because I feel something breaking up occasionally at higher rpm, that Im assuming has something to do with that also.

So the MAP values in that log file are absolute, not gauge. That means a value of 200 kPa is actually 100 kPa of positive boost. It's possible you have a wiring problem to the reluctor sensors or alternatively the magnetic trigger levels may be incorrectly set.

Ok that makes sense. thanks alot andre! I'll go through my settings and wiring again.

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