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Haltech elite knock control

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how are people finding the elite knock control?

im looking to upgrade from my ps1000 to elite 1000 (dont need DBW as nice as it maybe).

but im curious is it worth the money ($1k AUD difference) or is the system very basic?

has any one had a chance to compare audible knock reading and what the ecu is sensing?

i under stand this is to a degree up to the tuner but its nice to know the knock detection has the capability first.

thank you

so no ones had a chance to use the elite knock control or is it just that bad no one wants to comment? haha

Andre has a really great webinar on the elite knock control if you look a little ways back through the archive. I have yet to get a chance to configure it on my elite 2500 or see the comparison to the audible knock reading but the features and set up are great in my opinion. I will be testing it soon and will report back to here on how it works and its comparison to the audible signal. Definitely check out the webinar though, some really great information there!

Unlike the Platinum Series ECUs, the Elite includes proper windowed knock detection with the sort of functionality and control you need to achieve effective control. I've currently only set this up on the 350Z which is not strictly knock limited so my sample size is understandably small. I couldn't fault the system though and it compares well to the Link G4+ system we also regularly run on the car.

I wouldn't make my decision based solely on the knock control though. The Elite is more advanced in many ways than the PS and will continue to gain functionality with firmware updates while the PS is essentially and obsolete platform now.