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Haltech Elite patch harnessed G35/350z no spark

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Hello all. Not sure of where this goes, but I would definitely appreciate the help. I have a build wrapping up with the haltech elite in a G35, boosted, with a patch harness. I got power to the ecu, it connects all fine with no trouble codes. We start setting up the TDC offset but get nothing to the timing light. We've check the main fuses and they are good.

I've read some things about pin A26 being a key pin. I am not infront of the system at this time, but would like to hear some other thoughts or idea.s Thanks.

Hi there!

I have the Elite 2500 running on a 2004 350z. The A26 pin needs 12v+. This is the feed for your injectors, coils and stuff.

Hope this helps!

kind regards,


Too add to that, have you gone to the diagnostics screen and verify you are getting a home/trigger signal?

Thanks for the responses guys. We got spark yesterday! The diagnostics tab helps a lot and engine limiting functions/methods are none. But now we down have fuel coming on so running that down. Fuel pump and injectors aren't doing anything which has us baffled. Fuses are good. The a26 pin has power hence the coils firing.

Skeruno do you have the ecr and ign function on and power going to a13? I've read that those are important too.

Hi there,

On my haltech A13 is empty. Do you have full sync on the diag page? Did you connect the fuel pump relay to A24? Hope this helps!

Kind regards,


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