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Haltech Elite Rotary tuning question

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Where do I start lol. I have a 93 FD RX7, currently running a haltech elite 1000 with everything wired up except EGTs sensors. As far as the mods here is what is done to the engine.

Large street ported 13b rew (PINNED)

Stock lower and upper intake

CJ Motorsport Rails and billet fuel pump hanger


ID1700 Primary and 2200 Secondary

-8an Line feeding the rails and -6an return

Two AEM 400lph pumps, (Regarding the pumps I have the second pump staged at 5 psi.)

Using the on-board pressure sensor (manifold)

BorgWarner S364.5 SXE 1.00 AR

Greddy turbo manifold

Tial WG 44MM (10psi spring), Tial BOV 44

ign-1a smart coils

Overall the haltech base seem to be very safe with fueling and timing which is fine. So far I have managed to tune the car myself on the road without any issues. I've been working on the idle controls, adjusting my post start, coolant fuel maps at start up. Currently boosting the FD on gate pressure (12psi ). On wide open throttle my AFR are between 10.9-11.2, little rich but better safe then sorry. So far I have only done third and fourth gear pulls at wide open throttle with no issues.

Here is the problem. Whenever I want to do a pull from second to third gear wide open throttle, I trip the car with several DTC's. One of them is a Lean trip which I was able to fix, the other was a DTC - P1690 (Injection stage 1 90% Duty cycle exceeded). I tried searching around for some info, Haltech recommends that you log the injection stage 1 and 2 duty cycle which I was not aware of. I also noticed that this can be tuned under the Injection System section on the ESP (Stage 1 & 2 - Firing angle BTDC). I have not tune this area yet but I just want to know if I was headed the right direction.

Could it be the size of my primary injectors (ID1700X) which is causing the Injection staging to trip? I drove my friend FD and have not ran into this issue. But his injectors are alot smaller (1000cc).

Looking at my previous log I noticed the DTC trip kick on at around 4-5000 rpm.

Also looking at the RX7CLUB forum some of the guys have adjusted the Stage 1 and 2 firing angle numbers.

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You shouldn't be getting that high on primary injectors, have you set your staging conditions? Sounds like it isn't bringing the secondary injectors in at all, 1700s should be good for near what your motor should make on gate pressure so it sounds like it's running on one set of injectors. Have you logged primary and secondary duty cycle?

I just starting logging the injection stage duty cycle. I was only logging the injector output duty cycle for each injector.

You called it injector 3,4 were not coming online. The figure that I am showing according to my last log is 52% on injector output 1, 2 duty cycle. On this log, which i attached, I did not go wide open throttle also I only went up to 5300 rpm. Should I adjust the staging of the injectors?

log is attached.1

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According to my setting my injectors are staged as followed

Maximum stage duty cycle 70%

Minimum stage duty cycle 5%

Which explains why the secondary don't come on. I'm not sure if I should adjust these figures to have the secondaries come on earlier or leave them along.

Unfortunately, I don't have the data of when I drive the car at wide open throttle. Just this log.

Any help or advice would help.

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Your entire fuel configuration is weird if you're using a semi-stock topology.

Fuel pressure input type is setup as a returnless/deadhead config, change 'Constant' to 'MAP reference' and unless you're running a very low base pressure on purpose I think that you've mistakenly set it to 35, double check what the FPR is doing with its vacuum/boost reference disconnected and match them.

Also your injectors should be set to 'Per cylinder' for both your first and second stage (can't see what your 2nd stage is set to in your screenshot, I'd recommend just posting your map)

With your minimum stage set to 5% you may have some weird transient overfueling going on though it wont hurt anything.

Again, I'd post your map, and if you've configured your fuel system this way on purpose let us know why. Thanks!

Hi David,

I can email you the map. Unfortunately, it does not let me up the file here.

Your base fuel pressure is still too low for my taste. Remove the reference signal from it and set it to 43.5ish and then match it in your map.

Injection angle is the least of your worries at the moment, I'd get all the other things set correctly, confirm that the car still is reasonable and go from there.

If you want me to look over the map shoot it over to david@machine-ep.com

Awesome, I will adjust the FP. I also sent you my map.

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