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haltech elite wideband control settings

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is short term fuel trim in a haltech ecu the same as lambda feedback in AEM infinity, also just trying to setup the wideband control settings in my haltech elite 2500 ecu, aswell aswith the P.I.D setting

G'day Ben. I'll get Andre onto that one for you, he's got much more experience with AEM and Haltech ECU's than anyone else here.

ok thanks for that, much appreciated

Hey Ben, yes the short term fuel trims in the Haltech Elite are similar to the lambda feedback in the AEM Infinity. The Haltech also provides you with the option to use a long term trim which is progressively added to a feedback table which you can then apply to the fuel table to help speed up the tuning process. In our 350Z I'm pretty sure I'm using the default PID settings at the moment. The only reason you'd want or need to change those are if you're getting the air fuel ratio oscillating about your set point, or taking a long time to reach the target.

ok thanks Andre, i will try adjusting these now and get back to you if i need any further guidance with the PID side of it, i have started changing thing myself as the last 3 tunes my ute has had have been far from perfect when given ack to me