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Haltech Injector Flow Rate

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I am a little confused about setting the Injector Flow Rate versus my fuel pressure on the PS1000.

It seems that there really should be a table for flow rate versus fuel pressure rather than just a set number for both.

For an ID1000 for example, Injector Dynamics specs are 1015cc at 300kpa, so I have my reg set at 300 with those numbers entered into the appropriate places.

If I want to raise my fuel pressure however would I enter another number into my flow rate entry as well as the fuel pressure adjustment in the setup page?

Any time you change the fuel pressure, you have to change flow rate number. The fuel pressure cell makes no difference, it's only for information

I was told by Matt at haltech the fuel pressure you put in is for the engine protection system only.

it does not affect the tune, apart from tripping engine protection.

haltech elite allows you to map pressure versus various flows. but not available in platinum series.

Thanks guys.

Good information

The main reason I ask is that I always seem to have rather high VE numbers.

Around 85 at Idle and about 130 at 3500 and 50kpa.

Before I had put it down to the Seimens Deka injectors that I was using as there was a fair bit of conflicting data in regards to Latency and flow rates, but now I am running ID 1000's so I have more faith in the data supplied by ID.

I suppose it is not really an issue but I have been wondering if there is something I am missing

You are not alone. We had a few issues with ID's published data as well. With a haltech ps2000, we had id2000 on a 2jz. We input their data exactly, and had the fuel pressure set to what they had in their chart, corresponding to the dead times that matched it. We still ended up telling it they were like 2200 or 2300 cc/min, otherwise we were getting silly VE numbers, like 70 at idle, etc.

To add to that story, it started out even funnier. Customer ordered id1000 injectors. Box said 1000, data sheet in box said 1000, etc. Well we had to tell it that the injectors were like 3000cc no matter what we did with the dead times, etc. So were wondering what the hell. I send them to my injector guy, he flow tests them, and said they are perfect HOWEVER, they are id2000 injectors. It was printed on the bottom. Totally missed that. So, free upgrade! Yay!

I went through this with Haltech when we fitted the Elite to our 350Z. It's even more important when you have a returnless fuel system as the differential pressure and hence injector flow is constantly changing with manifold pressure. In the Elite you can set up your deadtime and flow data relative to differential pressure and this seemed to work out well based on ID's published data - I have a believable 55% VE at idle for example.

Bare in mind that the Haltech doesn't account for the non linear flow area though so you would be accounting for this with larger VE numbers than what would be real.

Hi - I have a similar issue with my link G4+ atom . High VE numbers at idle . 70 to 72 . My injectors are rated at 1206cc at 4 bar which I believe equates to 1000ish at 3 bar . Anyway after having my injectors tested and even making a test rig to check them myself they do indeed flow as advertised . I had to change the size input to 600 cc to get the VE numbers down 50% also . If you find a reason for your high VE numbers can you post them please . Although I input the flow figures at 1206@ 4 bar and im running only 3 could this account for the high VE numbers .

@H8LUZN if you have a fuel pressure sensor fitted to your G4+ then the flow is compensated for pressure variations from the rated flow value, however if not then you need to enter reference flow and pressure data for the actual fuel pressure you're running. In my experience so far the G4+ modelled fuel equation has worked out with VE numbers that are believable.

Hey Andre - Just a thought but do you have one of those flow measuring bell mouth air intakes that I have seen on some dyno clips ? If so if you get a chance can you measure the actual air flow of your 350z at idle and compare to the link G4+ program ? Just to compare and let us know - Thanks for your help - Ken .

I’m also having trouble with the injector flow rate table vs MAP Sensor

i thought it was the injector flow rate vs fuel pressure but the table only goes from -100 to 150kpa. Do I set the 0kpa to 995cc at 14v from the injector dynamics web site? I’m trying to do the initial calibrations pre startup.

Haltech platinum pro plugin for 350z. With id1000 injectors.

I’m trying to post a picture here on site but it keeps saying “a problem has occurred “ and reloads this thread. This is the 4th time I’m typing this.

Im setting up the initial calibration settings before startup. here is the picture of the table that i'm lost about.

Attached Files

Are you using a return fuel system or a returnless fuel system?

Return fuel system with 1:1 boost referenced regulator. Id1000 Haltech platinum pnp 350z. Thanks for helping me. I thought no one was going to answer. Lol

I’ve already set the injector dead time. What should I do about this table in the picture I posted? Does this mean injector flow at 14v and pressures? At 0kpa it should be the flow of the fuel pressure with no reference with the vacuum line unplugged? And go up based on adding/ subtracting my base fuel pressure?

i have already set dead times per injector dynamics data. What should my injector flow rate table look like? i have return fuel system with 1;1 referenced regulator. Here are two pictures of what i'm talking about.

i put the flow rates of 14v in the table for now. Is this correct?

id1000 haltech platinum pnp. 350z

any help will be greatly appreciated. arghx7 ?

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My understanding is that the injector flow rate should be constant (same values in the whole table), because the fuel pressure at the rail is constant due to the 1:1 regulator. So youcould set the base fuel pressure to 4 bar with the engine off and fuel system pressurized,m or engine on and vacuum line disconnected from regulator. Then it should be a constant 4 bar difference between rail and manifold when the regulator is working as 1:1. Thus the flow rate, for our purposes, does not vary with manifold pressure. Then the battery dead time should be per supplier information.

I have a similar question. I have an NA 350z race car (runs on e85 and R35 injectors), but I don't have a return system at the rail. My return cycles back from the surge. I see plenty of base maps with a static number (570 in this case) and it is not referenced against map (or something else) in a table. The basemap from haltech (PnP here also) shows it referenced against MAP. What is the best method to calculate the table from a known 570cc flow rate? Thanks.

The supplier of the injectors know the relationship between flow rate and pressure. For example, see the Injector Dynamics ID725 http://injectordynamics.com/injectors/id725/ under slope and offset vs pressure. Typically stock ECUs from domestic OEMs require this characterization.

If you don't have that information for your injectors... well I'd ask around on forums or get injectors with known information. Attempting to calculate on your own is dicey.

Thanks for the help guys! I like that people actually help one another here.

Ill just keep my dead time data from injector dynamics that I entered in the Haltech. Then I’ll try to set the injector flow rate vs map to a constant 3 bar at 14v setting and see how it runs. Thanks again guys. Cheers!

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