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Haltech Knock Control (Haltech PNP)

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Hey Andre / Fellas.

Have a Haltech PNP on my RB26DETT GTR and on the long road trip I noticed the engine light flashing once for a mili second every now and then... I set the onboard logger to trigger whenever the knock light is activated but it would never log anything.

I did narrow it down that it would only happen when at around 2000-3000 rpm and low to mid throttle levels at medium to heavy load... Ie crusing at 100kph then coming up to a hill in 5th gear

So today I logged all chanels with the laptop and went for a drive... managed to get the engine light to flash twice very quickly, got home and reviewed the logs.

The log does show the "knock level display" reaching the "knock threshold" which would activate the light... There are other spikes on the "knock level display" but just below the threshold.

My problem is they are not all happening at the same RPM/TPS/MAP but between:


25-50% TPS

1-6psi boost

So I dont know what way to attack the problem... remove timing from that block, richen up the Target AFR over the whole area?

I don't have access to any audible knock gear atm either to check if its real knock or noise.

Ive attached the data log from this morning, you can see in the log where I free reved the engine to 6000rpm. I did this just after the light on the dash lit up to "mark on the log" where it was... you can see the spikes on the "knock level display" shortly before the reving, but there is other spikes also.

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I would audibly confirm it's knocking first it may be just engine noise, then add some fuel or remove some timing in the troubled region

I'm not convinced that the knock control on the Platinum series is particularly effective. In essence I'd say that rather than knock control it is really more 'noise control'. Note that the knock control on the newer Elite is a completely different deal and in my experience on our Z, it seems to work quite well.

In short, I wouldn't necessarily take too much notice of the knock control in the Platinum series, and certainly I'd only confirm with audio knock detection equipment that it's actually detecting real knock. If you do have knock in this area I'd tend to deal with it by retarding the timing (providing your AFR is reasonable in the first instance).

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