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So i finished watching Knock on haltech webinar.

I have a couple of questions.

1- How does the number in the knock threshold table relate to knock frequency ?

2- Does the knock frequency remain the same at all the rpm ranges ? e.g if an engine knocks at 7800 Hz @ 4k rpm , it will occur at same frequency at 7k rpm ?

3- Can't we just simply open spectograph and look for knock frequency while tuning the knock ignition table ?

Hi Muddasir, please see below:

1. The number in the knock threshold table has no relationship to frequency but rather is just a reflection of the noise intensity at the selected knock frequency.

2. The knock frequency is an aspect of the engine mechanical design and in particular the bore diameter plays a big part of this. As such, it doesn't change.

3. The spectrograph only runs for a short period of time and as such is intended to help with validating the knock control system, not for continuous monitoring.

so selecting the right frequency is the key to setting up knock threshold table.

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