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haltech Mercedes Triggers

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does any one have the trigger system for Mercedes M104 3.2L engine am trying to find this data online but i couldn't

You could consider scoping the signals while cranking if you have access to a scope? Have you run this past Haltech to see if they have any info?

I’ve never ran this engine before all i know about it that it has a vr on the crank and a hall on home but for the arming voltage or trigger teeth i have no idea, tried to look online but alot of opinions and data on trigger wheels some says its 60-2 +1, if at least i can get the arming voltage i can see what type of trigger wheel it got and will calibrate it

The M104 presumably has there large segments and one magnet on the flywheel. Dependant if LH or KE.

Scope the thing like Andre suggested.

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