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what are peoples first impressions from the specs?

interesting take given haltech was modularised (ecu + AFR + TC8).

3 CAN networks is interesting however their tendency to lock the CAN down makes me skeptical of the uses.

dual DBW, depending on the soft ware this could allow boost control using a DBW throttle body.

interesting, what else has been released at PRI?

Hi Joshua, I just saw thew press release as I jumped off the plane in Chicago. Definitely will be checking it out tomorrow and watch out on our instagram for a post and some more information. On paper it sounds incredibly powerful, particularly for someone who is in the market to buy an ECU, wideband and PDM for their build.

It looks great on paper however I'm hoping that they're not relying on any RacePak/SmartWire engineering or resources. I'm not quite sure how their partnership was structured but my experience with a few pre-Haltech RacePak builds left me less than impressed at best and down right furious at worst.

Also crossing my fingers that it will be an open CAN messaging library with user configurability, but I'm not holding my breath :)

Was so surprised to see Andy being interviewed - just feels so new that he's in a Haltech shirt and all. With this product, I did have doubts about it all being in one box (heat issues, noise, etc), but Andy covered that, and it feels like there's a lot more headroom than what the specs say, so I'm comfortable with how it's specc'd.

Haltech hit the jackpot when they bought Adaptronic, or rather, they were able to get the brains of Andy. I'm definitely looking at this product when it comes out.

I forgot to add a question if this has integrated EGT amplifiers, or if it needs external ones. Does anybody know yet?

I doubt it given the plethora of 8 channel TC amplifiers on the market and the real estate required for another 16 pins on the unit to be comparable.

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