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Heya... just wondering if these are sensible settings for the O2 control and LTFT for the Haltech PNP RB26. The base map settings seem to be configured for only a narrowband.. I have a CAN WB02

Is it a bad idea to be extending the LTFT and O2 control right out to max rpm and load?

The LTFT "zones" seem abit course.... As far as I can figure if you are in one cell and it is say 4% richer for the timer length then it makes all cells in that "zone" leaner by the increment amount?

Seems like it would be a much better system if it had a trim value for each individual cell... Maybe the Elite does that?

Because of that reason should I make the zones alot smaller? and maybe concentrate on the cruise areas...

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Ok wow oops...

So from default the long term fuel trims are activated in the basemap... So I was doing all of my tuning with the LTFT active and since i was doing some road tuning i was keeping the o2 control active and using the o2 correction percentage in my logs to make changes to my VE table... unaware that in the background the LTFT were having an effect.. this did not show up as a major problem altho I did find it abit weird how some areas of the fuel map were jumping large VE numbers compared to the trend. (as they were on the edge of two LTFT zones)

But the problem became apparent when I adjusted the LTFT zones... unaware that they already had % trims in them already and I didnt zero the trims... this obviously threw my tune way out of whack and had me digging into why... There was no obvious way that showed what the LTFT were, it wasnt until i delved into the manual and found you had to make a custom gauge and log/view low ltft, mid ltft and high ltft.

So at least I learnt something.. I now fully know how haltech LTFT work and make sure they are turned off when your tuning!