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haltech platinum ecu connection to a mainline dyno

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If a car hasnt got obd and has a platinum plug in ecu. S13 rb20 in my case.

Can the ecu connect to the dyno via can or by some other means to see rpm so it can hold rpm for steady state tuning etc.

I dont have instant access to a dyno so im just wondering.

Can someone explain how i have to set it up


That option exists on the mainlines, but it is expensive AFAIK. I cant see everybody having that YET.

Most dynos can do a derived rpm from roller speed, so thats a plus. Also, most feature an inductive pickup which USUALLY works

if you put the pickup around the loom to the cylinder 1 coil pack. Im lucky enough to have an optical setup on my Mustang dyno, so i simply put a reflective sticker on the crank pulley, and aim my sensor at it. Im sure the dyno will accept a pulse too, which you can run from the ecu tacho pin to the dyno.

Ahhh thankyou. What does the expensive option do. Or did you explain that. Its a shame that they dont just plug in like the elite ecu can

The option for CAN input to the mainline is an expensive option, for the module itself. I was actually pricing a mainline 2wd600L and if i remember correctly, tacho input was 1500$ aus and then the CAN input module was up to 3500$ or something. I have the price sheet somehwhere here. While its a nice feature, its REALLY not necessary. To get an rpm signal is easy from multiple sources. 1 wire off the rpm output of your ecu is an option, as well as the inductive pickup USUALLY works if it doesnt suck like mine (old style FLUKE part). My issue with mine, is that it does not like thick wires like MSD. When that happens, i just default over to the old trusty optical which never fails me (=

If you want to use the tacho trim option while steady state tuning, the tacho module is your cheapest and easiest option. The CAN input option also allows the tacho trim function to work as it provides the dyno with engine rpm.

The CAN option provides a lot more information though so you need to base your decision on the entire functionality. One of the advantages that I love about the CAN input is that you don't need to connect sensors up to the car when you put it on the dyno - All of the sensors connected to the ECU are available as channels you can log and analyse directly on the dyno. A good example of two common channels are MAP and lambda/AFR. It's not for everyone though and there is a cost involved so you need to weigh it up for your particular use.

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