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Haltech question ESP converting to NSP

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Wonder if anyone can help, still learning.

I downloaded the new NSP software to use on my current Elite 2500.I now get 6 errors Question 1:4 errors are all practically the same as my old ESP had engine protection level 1 (least severe as disabled)on the old ESP had no issue and no errors, but NSP is throwing error cos level 1 is disabled.Should I just enable level 1 and if so what setting can I use? Ie default setting?Question 2:On the new NSP for the ignition Correction Attack and decay.Tthe channel from the old ESP has it set at gear for one axis.On NSP for that axis there is 2 choices for gearSo on the NSP now I have an error appearing saying channel not selected.Channels to choose from?1 is Generic Output 1 OUT (gear Shift)2 is Generic Output 1 Table Output (gear Shift)

"" Just wondering which channel do I need to select

Or just leave the warning and just delete the error?

As I can select both and table looks the same and the error disappears.

Warning is like this

Also as I go through the tuning course will I get to understand most of these individual functions.

or this come with experience.

Thank you in advance

Sorry for the slow reply here Fabian. These are not errors, but rather they're warnings that are telling you that the ECU is referencing something that doesn't exist. For the 'Attack/Decay', if you hover your mouse over the warning symbol it will tell you that the 'Gear' channel isn't being generated, so the table may not work as you expect (it will be stuck in the 'N' column).

Question 1 will be similar, saying that Haltech recommend to have multiple levels of protection turned on, or that one of the sensor diagnostic triggers will be referencing an engine protection level that's not enabled. Basically all of these issues would have existed in ESP but NSP just makes them more obvious to the tuner.



Again thank you for the time you spend answering our silly questions.

Yes do realize the errors existed on ESP and understand the errors are just more highlighted in NSP.

As the setting are the same when I had ESP, I am trying to understand the tune a little more, rather than going back to the tuner each time.

Do I need the third engine protection?

and what channel would you recommend for the attack/decay table?

or just leave the settings and just cancel the errors as it has no effect on engine performance or protection.

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