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Hello everyone ,

I do not know if this has been covered before . I am using a link G4+ ECU with the extra harness where I have connected the wideband O2 . Everything works perfectly but whenever I start the car check light is on due to the time that the O2 needs to warm up . I was thinking of hard wiring it but would like to know what ways do you guys use ?

Thank you .

I dont know what you mean by "hard wiring", but it doesnt sound like you have a wiring problem so that is unlikely going to change anything. To me it sounds like during the sensor warmup phase your lambda controller outputs a 0 or 5V signal - this will be above or below what you have set for your AN Volt error high or error low values.

So change your AN Volt error low to 0 and your error high value to 5V and you should no longer generate a CE condition.

Thank you Adam , it works perfectly .