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Hayabusa Gen2 AFR target table.. Your opinion ?

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Please take a look at my afr target for this Hayabusa Generation 2 as a starting point. Dyno sessions follow later. Any comment will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys

Fuel 95 Gasoline

Altitude Sea level

Temp 30 - 35 deg C

Mod: Yoshimura full race exhaust 4-2-1, KN Air cleaner

PS: the zeroes are in place to disable the Autotune (due to exhaust flow reversions and where it is not needed) in the respective cells.

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I'd say that you've got a safe and sensible starting point. If you're interested at all in economy then you could lean out the midrange targets towards 14.7:1, particularly at lower rpm. You may also find that the engine responds by targeting slightly leaner at WOT, particularly at high rpm. The last hyabusa engine I tuned I ended up with a WOT AFR around 13.4 tapering to 13.2. Your starting point is safe though so I'd just test and see how it responds.

I agree with Andre. I own 2 hayabusa's. One is an all out drag bike and the other is set up for drag and street. I tune both of them plus all the ones that come thru our shop. Your starting point is perfect for a starting tune on a stock motor. It should need less fuel in the end.

Thank you both for taking the time to review and comment my table !

Be shure to post your results. ECU editor will give you a lot more tuning capability than a power commander but it takes a lot longer and you can't make changes in real time.

We usually reply within 12hrs (often sooner)

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