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Hayabuza Turbo on Haltech

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I have been helping a friend with his project is a race car with a hayabuza 1.3 liter engine (turbo). The engine start with difficulties with this map, but it thus start... then with some temperature the engine start hesitated and firing in a odd order in until the point that some time "back" fire on the ITB... I try changing the filters on the triggers, disconnect the cylinder 1 ignition coil cause I read one guy had interferience with that on the trigger on the cam (I dont remember the name that haltech use for the crankshaft position sensor and the one in the cam). Have anyone run one of this engine with a standalone ecu? some problems with the triggers? any help will be more than welcome.


I leave you the file with the one the engine is "running" right now

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The hard starting may be related to your trigger input, however it may also be as a result of the engine not being tuned correctly yet. The fact you say that once the engine warms up it starts backfiring makes me suspicious that it may not be correctly mapped yet and this may be as a result of the warmup enrichment tapering away as the engine warms up.

Here's a few things to check:

1. Is the base ignition timing set correctly?

2. Is the ignition timing stable as the rpm changes?

3. The base fuel table should be using TPS as the load axis for a itb/turbo engine. You then set your AFR targets using the Target AFR table with MAP as the load axis.

4. What is the air fuel ratio at idle? Can you achieve a stable and consistent air fuel ratio?

5. Is the rpm consistent at idle or is it erratic and jumping around?

I will check it tomorrow and let you know, I will change the Load for the engine and check everything else to see what is doing the engine in those subjets.


Well, I check the engine and it idle OK at 2300rpm more or less with a lambda of .85 (now that is in Load by TPS), it rev but it make a strange noise is a knocking noise here and there (even at idle) we try to check the timing with the timing light but this noise, that happens ever couple of second in a random way, when it knock it clearle fire in a very different timing I will say at least 45°off the mark that we see at the "damper", it is like it lost the sync of the crank and cam for just a second, Is possible to run this king of engine with the stock position sensor? or we need some king of amplifier? I have experience with this engines but just with some plugandplay ecu (not standalone or plugandplay that you put the info of the sensors, just ecu like the oem one but fully programer) so i never had this king of problems before.


The stock trigger system should be fine with an aftermarket ECU> I've tuned plenty of hyabusa engines using standalone ECUs and had no trouble with the triggering. It's possible that the trigger input may be wired with the wrong polarity or alternatively your trigger threshold may need work. The trigger threshold is quite low which may have the ECU triggering on signal noise rather than the actual signal itself. I'd recommend connecting a scope to the ECU inputs so you can view the trigger and home signals together.

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