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Heatsoak (Toyota 86 Motec M150)

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Hey guys currently facing an issue with heatsoak. I can get my car hot leave it sit for about an hour and a half - two hours and it will crank for about 10 secs solid before it starts. I leave the bonnet open and do the same and it will start fine. Heres the catch, I have a harrop Supercharger kit which have water to air intercoolers ontop in the manifold. Just wondering if anyone has any tips or knowledge on how to beat the heat. I have the extractors wrapped and will be wrapping further down the tailpipe near the gearbox area just incase of extra heat, but I feel it wont be enough. Just chasing some info or tuning strats that I can do to avoid this terrible starts.

Thanks in advance.

lower the IAT correction values in lower load cells

i assume your iat rises because of the heatsoak and therefore the car is hard to start

Hi Brandon, I had a similar issue although not as severe as what you're describing, with our own 86. Despite the IAT being taken into account automatically in the fuel equation, I always felt it was a little overbearing and I'd see the lambda move lean as IAT rose, even outside of a genuine heat soak situation. I've since modified the firmware in our own package and added a charge temp optimisation table so that I can bias the charge temp calculation between IAT or ECT depending on load and rpm. I have in my mind that MoTeC added this option in the most current public firmware package though so it may pay to check.

Hey guys thanks for the input. Not quite sure if I understand what yous are getting at. What IAT values are we talking about. I didn't think it changed for cranking. Also I'm still hooking up a charge temp sensor. I feel if I could make it adjust cranking fuel depending on air temp I could fix this. Even adjusting cranking throttle position depending on temp would help also. You guys might need to dumb your answers down a bit if that's ok. But I appreciate the help and will look into it.

Hey again, so I checked out that table and it already set to the same number for everything. I did however notice I could change the cranking air flow at different coolant temps. So at around 60deg coolant temp I can close it off a bit and add more fuel, However I feel thats only a bandaid solution as if it dosent heatsoak at that temp it might overfuel.

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