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hello everyone what do you think of the ecu fueltech?

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hello everyone what do you think of the ecu fueltech?

I run a very basic setup in a clients E production rx7. Easy to configure, enough flexibility for what this particular chassis needs though I wouldn't want to run it in a vehicle that had any sort of complex control and communication strategy that wanderd outside the FuelTech ecosystem. Also, since they're all based on the same size integrated display I think its gimmicky for anything past straight drag racing (their largest target market I believe). If the display size scaled with their model range I think they'd be a more viable option for some. Last but not least engine positioning and triggering has been completely rock solid and hasn't been a problem even though most of the settings are baked in and cannot be adjusted which is less than ideal for me (no adjustment) but may be a selling point for some.

I haven't personal experience, but there are several versions available, so it may be best to make some notes about what you are going to definitely want, what you definitely won't need, and what would be nice but isn't a deal breaker - you can then work from there. This overall guide may help with some of those choices - https://www.fueltech.net/pages/ecu-comparison-chart

I had thought there were two different size displays available, but seems I was mistaken - but they connect to a PC for working and, as they seem to support several displays, it may be possible to have another company's larger screen as a main and the FT as the secondary - but seems a bit of a daft and expensive way to go about things?

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