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Help.. cant open any modules

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Hello can someone help me

I cant open or play any of the modules i have in my courses

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Some devices and/or applications and/or browsers may not support the format used for the videos*.

You could try different devices and see if that helps*.

In the meantime, if you could post what you are using there may be a simple change you can make to sort out the problem.

*For example, my 5 yo "SMART" TV doesn't support the specific software my local broadcast right's owner uses for the Formula 1 and WRC coverage. I have to open it on my PC and use the TV as a secondary monitor.

I tried using my laptop which is HP D622 with window 7 64bit

And i tried using my phone which is samsung note 9

I will try using my PC and Note20 ultra tonight.

I was hoping to took the course tonight as this is a weekend so i got plenty times.

I had a rough week next monday.

So many cars to tune.

And i have to remove a GTR35 gearbox and install a dodson one.

And still have to deal with lots of builds.

Thanks for reply.

There are different browsers you can use, I've been using Mozilla's Firefox for more than 20 years - https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/new/

There's a "Bahasa - Indonesia" language option but, obviously, I don't know how well that is implimented.

Thanks for your reply. I also tried using several browser.

Wont work.

Hi Victor, I've forwarded this to the rest of our team as it's not an issue I've heard reported before. Can you confirm if you've ever been able to view the course modules? Or is this a new problem?

Hey there Victor,

Were you using a VPN before that you have now turned off? I'm 99% sure Vimeo is blocked in Indonesia, however, a VPN which many people use anyway gets around this.

Take a look through this and let me know how you get on - https://www.hpacademy.com/blog/help-vimeo-is-blocked-in-my-country/

THANKS... i purchased the vpn nord for 1 year

i am able to see the courses..

but i feel i need more detail and deeper for the courses... like for the calibration and hot to set the offset..

i ask in the forum too

No worries mate, glad you're sorted. Have a watch through and then come back with some specific, detailed questions afterwards for Andre

Perfect, you're onto it. Andre will get to that for you as soon as he has the chance and help you out =)

We usually reply within 12hrs (often sooner)

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