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Help idle tuning aem v2

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need help getting aem v2 to idle FIC 1220 low z injectors. Idles rich and light off idle is way rich all cruise and boost is great

What is the engine? What sort of pulse width are you seeing at idle? What fuel are you running?

It’s a 6g72T 3.0l 3000gt twin turbo. Running Aem v2 with FIC 1220cc low z injectors on pump 93 want to get smooth on pump befor tune for E85 injector pulse with around 1.1- 1.2 gonna say that’s after everything being added off the main tuning screen

Still no input from anyone?

Edit: I did't read through your post properly.

It may be that the injectors are actually your issue. These look to be based on the Bosch EV1 style of injector which is a pretty old technology now. Some of the larger EV1 injectors offered pretty poor low pulse width control. A quick google shows plenty of people reporting idle quality issues on the FIC 1220. The good news is that on E85 you'll probably find that they work acceptably since you're going to need a pulse width thats about 35-40% longer and that should put the injector in a more controllable range of its operation. These days I only really use EV14 based high impedance injectors as they're superior in basically every way.

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