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Help motec m84 ECU and m600,800 map slots

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Guys i faced a problem while tuning a turbo charged car that runs on a m84 ecu. Everything goes fine untill i try to go more on boost ( more than 1bar) the fuel starts to get leaner even when i have set the map compensation table properly. So i tuned the car at high boost ( changed the number in the acutal load table) i did a run with the car fuel was all good after 10mins i did another run fuel turned out to be lean!! I cant really figure out whats going on.

And guys could anyone help me with sitting up map slots on m600 and m800 ecus?


Have you checked your fuel pump delivery?

EDIT: I just saw you have another thread on this!

The map compensation table should typically be left at the default values where 0 kPa is -100, 100 kPa is 0 and 200 kPa is 100 etc.

What you're describing sounds like you're running out of fuel pump. I'd be checking fuel pressure and injector duty cycle.

Map compensation is left as default and both fuel pressure abd injector duty cycle looks fine, duty cycle reachs 81%, i am think that maybe my lambda sensor broke up while tuning

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