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hi Guys does anyone have a Evo 9 base map for an Autronics ecu on firmware 1.7 only one available in software is 1.9


Sorry Dan I haven't used an Autronic for longer than I can remember now. Have you tried hitting them up on the support email?

Not as of yet it’s been on the back of my to do list I’m currently prepping two time attack cars so I’ve kinda put it to one side are you aware if they ever made a converter for the base maps like Syvecs use when updating there firmware ps thanks for the reply

No I'm not sure if they did. I stopped using Autronic around 10 years ago. While there's no doubt that Autronic were well ahead of their time, they haven't kept up and I found the support to be terrible. I'm not actually sure what's happening with the brand these days? These days there's at least 5-6 systems that I'd recommend over an Autronic which provide the same or better functionality, a more intuitive and user friendly interface, and excellent support for customers.

I know it’s very primitive like an hydra nemesis I’m personally addicted to link but my customer is trying to avoid parting with the cash to replace it the onboard map went down and the currant map is protected so I’m stuck with it at the moment think he will need to put his hand in is pocket thanks a lot for the help